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Internal Controls And Internal Control - 1117 Words

Internal control plays an increasingly significant role in firms and many other organizations. Businesspeople, especially managers, pay more attention to internal control and its relationship with management (Krishnan, 2005). They tend to discover how internal control affects the operation of the companies. Although managers of some companies have doubts on the value of internal control, it directly helps managers to make open and effective management of the companies when designing, undertaking and optimizing their plans. The definition of internal control is presented in the first section. Then next section shows the importance of internal control, which mainly functions as risk assessment, effective communication and monitoring,†¦show more content†¦Risk assessment is the most basic function of internal control that helps companies to prevent risks. Risks are analyzed, considering possibility and influence, as a basis for determining how they should be dealt with, thus, t hose potential risks can be identified before financial losses occur (Feng et al., 2009). For example, a company purchases an advanced fire-prevention system including the smoke detectors and fire alarms. This control behavior can reduce the possibility of fire accidents that may destroy the company’s physical assets. Therefore, the system is worthwhile because it prevents the company suffering from the likelihood of fire and avoids financial losses. Internal control systems have been advocated as a mechanism for establishing high quality management (Altamuro et al., 2010). It is impossible to run companies without any risks. What managers need to do is to assess the possibility of the risk and take relevant measures to prevent it occurring. The model of risk assessment is applied to decide whether the control should be implemented. There is a tiny flaw of the internal control. From the example it can be seen that if the cost of purchasing the fire-prevention system surpasses the total value of the company assets, this kind of control will lose its significance. Internal control makes great contribution to reducing

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Briggs-Rauscher Oscillating Color Change Reaction

The Briggs-Rauscher reaction, also known as the oscillating clock, is one of the most common demonstrations of a chemical oscillator reaction. The reaction begins when three colorless solutions are mixed together. The color of the resulting mixture will oscillate between clear, amber, and deep blue for about 3-5 minutes. The solution ends up as a blue-black mixture. Solution A Add 43 g potassium iodate (KIO3) to ~800 mL distilled water. Stir in 4.5 mL sulfuric acid (H2SO4). Continue stirring until the potassium iodate is dissolved. Dilute to 1 L. Solution B Add 15.6 g malonic acid (HOOCCH2COOH) and 3.4 g manganese sulfate monohydrate (MnSO4 . H2O) to ~800 mL distilled water. Add 4 g of vitex starch. Stir until dissolved. Dilute to 1 L. Solution C Dilute 400 mL of 30% hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) to 1 L. Materials 300 mL of each solution1 L beakerstirring platemagnetic stir bar Procedure Place the stirring bar into the large beaker.Pour 300 mL each of solutions A and B into the beaker.Turn on the stirring plate. Adjust the speed to produce a large vortex.Add 300 mL of solution C into the beaker. Be sure to add solution C after mixing solutions A B or else the demonstration will not work. Enjoy! Notes This demonstration evolves iodine. Wear safety goggles and gloves and perform the demonstration in a well-ventilated room, preferably under a ventilation hood. Use care when preparing the solutions, as the chemicals include strong irritants and oxidizing agents. Clean Up Neutralize the iodine by reducing it to iodide. Add ~10 g sodium thiosulfate to the mixture. Stir until the mixture becomes colorless. The reaction between iodine and thiosulfate is exothermic and the mixture may be hot. Once cool, the neutralized mixture may be washed down the drain with water. The Briggs-Rauscher Reaction IO3- 2 H2O2 CH2(CO2H)2 H -- ICH(CO2H)2 2 O2 3 H2O This reaction can be broken into two component reactions: IO3- 2 H2O2 H -- HOI 2 O2 2 H2O This reaction can occur by a radical process which is turned on when I- concentration is low, or by a nonradical process when the I- concentration is high. Both processes reduce iodate to hypoiodous acid. The radical process forms hypoiodous acid at a much faster rate than the nonradical process. The HOI product of the first component reaction is a reactant in the second component reaction: HOI CH2(CO2H)2 -- ICH(CO2H)2 H2O This reaction also consists of two component reactions: I- HOI H -- I2 H2O I2CH2(CO2H)2 -- ICH2(CO2H)2 H I- The amber color results from the production of the I2. The I2 forms because of the rapid production of HOI during the radical process. When the radical process is occurring, HOI is created faster than it can be consumed. Some of the HOI is used while excess is reduced by hydrogen peroxide to I-. The increasing I- concentration reaches a point at which the nonradical process takes over. However, the nonradical process does not produce HOI nearly as fast as the radical process, so the amber color begins to clear as I2 is consumed more quickly than it can be created. Eventually the I- concentration drops low enough for the radical process to restart so the cycle can repeat itself. The deep blue color is the result of the I- and I2 binding to the starch present in the solution.​ Source B. Z. Shakhashiri, 1985, Chemical Demonstrations: A Handbook for Teachers of Chemistry, vol. 2, pp. 248-256.

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Police Conduct A Search And Seizure At A Public School...

ISSUES 1. Can police conduct a search and seizure at a public school initiated by school officials? 2. Do police have authority to use a search warrant as grounds to enter and search for activity on tribal property? 3. Will evidence found outside the parameters of a warrant be admissible? 4. Are illegal substances permitted for religious Indian ceremonies? 5. Is there recovery for damages against police and prosecuting attorney for the irreplaceable destruction of religious artifacts during an illegal search on tribal property? BRIEF ANSWERS 1. Yes. The search must be reasonable according to New Jersey v TLO. 2. Yes. Since the act happened off-reservation, the state may conduct an investigation on tribal property. 3. Yes. Congress gave Indians this privilege after the Supreme Court case Employment Division v Smith. 4. Yes. Damages can be filed for in a civil suit. FACTS Songaa Weathers is a member of the Chippewa Indian tribe, residing on tribal reservation land in Mt. Pleasant, Michigan. Songaa is a student at Mt. Pleasant High. On September 11th, 2015, her classroom was searched by a drug-sniffing dog and its handler. Everyone, including the teacher, was demanded to leave the room without taking any belongings, despite having asked to remain in the room. The search was conducted behind a closed door and pulled blinds. After the search, Songaa was pointed out in front of her peers as the owner of the seized bag. Songaa claimed the bag was not hers, and proceeded toShow MoreRelatedLabeling, Law, and Americas Drug Policy Essay3279 Words   |  14 Pagesstopped and searched by police during the investigation of a crime in the college town of Oneonta, NY. An elderly white woman was assaulted at knifepoint near the State University of New York College at Oneonta (SUCO) campus. The women described her assailant as an African American male who ma y have accidentally cut his hand during the attack. The police together with SUCO security guards obtained a list of all African-American male students at the college. The State police, SUCO security, and localRead MoreDrug Trafficking And The United States10785 Words   |  44 Pagescomplex. Although the government and non-government bodies have set important laws to exclude the practice, drug trafficking has been a disturbing problem for many years. Many people who venture into this dangerous and prohibited business do it in search for money. It has been a belief that drug trafficking gives people a lot of money. As a result, people are ready to take the risk and get into the business in trying to better their future. The punishments for drug trafficking vary from one continentRead MoreThe Problem Of Drug Trafficking10787 Words   |  44 Pagescomplex. Although the government and non-government bodies have set important laws to exclude the practice, drug trafficking has been a d isturbing problem for many years. Many people who venture into this dangerous and prohibited business do it in search for money. It has been a belief that drug trafficking gives people a lot of money. As a result, people are ready to take the risk and get into the business in trying to better their future. The punishments for drug trafficking vary from one continentRead MoreEthics of Information Communication Technology (Ict)27618 Words   |  111 PagesCyber systems across the globe have many different rules governing the behaviour of users. Users are completely free to join or leave any system whose rules they find comfortable or uncomfortable. This flexibility may at times lead to improper user conduct. Also, in the absence of any suitable legal framework, it may be difficult for System Administrators to check on frauds, vandalism or other abuses, which may cause the lives of many online users to be miserable. This situation is alarming becauseRead MoreSSD2 Module 4 Notes Essay2 8478 Words   |  114 Pagesand grievances can make working with locals a very tricky business. This is especially true since disagreements are usually the last thing anybody wants to talk about to outsiders. Particularly in cultures, which place a high value on saving face or public honor, people may not want to say anything that could be taken as disrespectful of their neighbors, even though they may have big problems with them. For this reason, it is desirable when possible to talk to locals out of earshot of others so theyRead MoreSecurity Forces51988 Words   |  208 Pageswe operate as an organization to become more effective in daily operations would be TACON. The flight chief is the best example of TACON as they run the flight who is conducting the daily operations. They are told to conduct guardmount, but they are not told in what order they conduct their briefings or what type of information needs to be briefed every day. They also assign who gets posted at each location for the day. OPCON would be the post priority chart that tells the flight chief which postsRead MoreBanking Laws and Jurisprudence Reviewer41247 Words   |  165 Pagesenrich depositors but to earn for themselves 11. 4. Indispensable Institution †¢ Has a vital role in economic life †¢ Significance of banking institution to commercial transactions (Metropolitan Bank Trust Co. vs. Cabilzo) 5. Impressed with public interest †¢ Has public interest because people depend on the honesty and efficiency of banks †¢ Stability of banks largely depends on the confidence of the people in the honesty and efficiency of banks. 6. Degree of diligence †¢ Diligence higher than that of aRead MoreFundamentals of Hrm263904 Words   |  1056 PagesAct of 1988 88 Current Issues Regarding Employee Rights 90 Drug Testing 90 DID YOU KNOW?: Why Organizations Conduct Drug Tests 91 Honesty Tests 92 Whistle-Blowing 92 Employee Monitoring and Workplace Security 93 DID YOU KNOW?: By the Numbers 93 Workplace Romance 94 The Employment-at-Will Doctrine 95 Exceptions to the Doctrine 96 Contractual Relationship 96 Statutory Considerations 96 Public Policy Violation 96 Implied Employment Contract 96 Breech of Good Faith 97 PART 3 STAFFING THE ORGANIZATIONRead MoreOne Significant Change That Has Occurred in the World Between 1900 and 2005. Explain the Impact This Change Has Made on Our Lives and Why It Is an Important Change.163893 Words   |  656 Pages E SSAYS ON TWENTIETH-C ENTURY H ISTORY In the series Critical Perspectives on the Past, edited by Susan Porter Benson, Stephen Brier, and Roy Rosenzweig Also in this series: Paula Hamilton and Linda Shopes, eds., Oral History and Public Memories Tiffany Ruby Patterson, Zora Neale Hurston and a History of Southern Life Lisa M. Fine, The Story of Reo Joe: Work, Kin, and Community in Autotown, U.S.A. Van Gosse and Richard Moser, eds., The World the Sixties Made: Politics and CultureRead MoreHuman Resources Management150900 Words   |  604 Pagesoccupational groups and industries will require more educated workers in the coming years. The number of jobs requiring advanced knowledge is expected to grow at a much more rapid rate than the number of other jobs. This growth means that people without high school diplomas or appropriate college degrees increasingly will be at a disadvantage, as their employment opportunities are confined to the lowest-paying service jobs. In short, there is a growing gap between the knowledge and skills required by many jobs

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Competition And Business On Organizations -Myassignmenrthelp.Com

Question: Discuss About The Competition And Business On Organizations? Answer: Introduction Nestle is a Swiss transnational company with its headquarters in Vevey, Vaud, Switzerland. Nestle deals in food and drinks industry and is one of the biggest in the world. Owning more than 2000 brands in 191 countries the company is employing more than 33,000+ employees. Nestle came in 1905 when Anglo-Swiss Milk Company and Farine Lactee Henri Nestle merged. During the First and Second World War, the company grew significantly expanding in other areas apart from initial offerings in condensed milk and infant products. Today, the company sells products as baby food, medical food, breakfast cereal, pet food, coffee tea, bottled water, frozen food, ice cream, confectionary. Today Twenty-Nine major brands of Nestle have annual sales of over $1.1 billion. We can date the origins back to the 1860s when in 1866 Charles (US counsel in Switzerland) and George Page, two brothers from the USA established the Anglo-Swiss Condensed Milk Company in Cham, Switzerland. Around the same time in 1867, Henri Nestle in Vevey developed baby food based on milk. He later helped Daniel Peter in solving the problem of water from the milk chocolate he was trying to create and in 1879 they merged. Following that in 1877 Anglo-Swiss came with their milk-based baby foods and the following year saw Nestle company adding condensed milk to their product line. Thus, marketing them direct competitor (Nestle, 2013). Finally, in 1905 the two companies merged and carried the name Nestle and Anglo-Swiss until 1947 when they took on the name Nestle Alimentana SA after acquiring Fabrique de Produits Maggi SA (Founded 1884) and the holding company Alimentana SA. However, the current name Nestle was adopted in 1977. Nestl's main development model is that they acquire companies to expand their reach, but that model has its own risks involved. Nestle constantly works on improving its current product line, at the same time working on the development of new and improved products keeping in mind the global customer demands. Nestle Australia faces major competition from homegrown brands of Woolworths and Coles (Sa Vinhas and Heide, 2014). Marketing Environment Analysis The internal or microenvironment of Nestle shows us the internal strength, weakness, opportunities, and threat to the organization and SWOT analysis throw some light on those factors. STRENGTH WEAKNESS Worlds leading food and beverage company Diverse product range Research Development Corporate social responsibility Well established brands Inconsistent quality Negative publicity High cost of advertising OPPORTUNITIES THREATS Demand for healthier food Looking for new channels Increase in spending power Looking at new joint ventures Investing more in research and development Home grown brands Food contamination Cost wars Increasing price of raw materials Strength World's Leading Food and Beverage Company: Being a global leader and a company with worldwide hold Nestle has one of the widest product portfolios of food and beverages which is harder for a lot of other competitors to compete with. Diverse Product range: Having a global reach and hold allows Nestle to cater to the buyer's requirement varying from region to region or demographically. This helps in further enhancing the company's image and creates a steady and growing customer base (Moura et al., 2015). Research Development: With the resources and reach Nestle management strong focus on researching and developing new products as per the market requirement, year after year. In 2015 they spent nearly $2 billion on research and development (Ltkenhaus and de Freitas, 2016). Corporate Social Responsibilities: Not only does nestle focus on its products and profits but it also actively works towards the betterment of the society it operates in. They also look for ways to improve how the products are made to ensure less wastage (Hunt, 2014). Well Established Brands: Nestle owns some of the world's most renowned, trusted and widely accepted brands which ensure that the company has edge over most of the competitors (OLeary and Spangler, 2016). Weakness Inconsistent quality: Time and again nestle has failed to provide a uniform quality of its products in and out of Australia. There have been a lot of recalls throughout the product line (Patrizia and Gianluca, 2013). Negative publicity: Due to the recalls and the past negativity regarding the baby milk scandal nestle has its own share of negative relations with a large customer base, even till date. High advertisement cost: Nestle goes to great length in terms of advertising to ensure public awareness about its products and what it is doing. This does help the company and at the same time advertising being necessary, it does incur high costs on the company. Opportunities Demand for healthier foods: Nestle already working in the health food sector can expand further as now a day's every second individual is changing the food habits and making sure they eat healthy. Looking for new channels: E-commerce being global phenomena can open new ways for nestle to reach faster and at the same time keeping the cost less than the traditional means. Increase in spending power: With growing purchasing power of the individuals and even youngsters company has the opportunity to cater to a wide array of customers than it could a few years back. Looking at new joint ventures: Nestle can further strengthen its reach by forming new joint ventures with other chain stores than it already has to ensure that no stone is left unturned. Invest more in research and development: Nestle spends only 1.5-2% of its total sales on research and development. In order to gain an edge over the competition and new emerging players, it can increase the investment to ensure ahead in the industry. Threats Homegrown brand: Chains such as Woolworths, Aldi and Coles are increasing and pushing their own brands into the market creating a challenge for nestle in the market. Food contamination: Despite being global brands with quality checks, every now and then nestle does come up with issues relating to food contamination. This ends up hurting the trust of the customers and the brand image of the company (Prince, 2015). Cost wars: The new and emerging local suppliers are fighting cost wars with major players like Nestle and today when prices greatly affect the purchasing decision of the customer. This forces the company to cut down the prices or face the risk of being out of the game in a longer run (Saluja and Mahajan, 2017). Increasing price of the raw materials: The prices of the raw materials used to produce the products have been rising steadily and thus companies pay a large amount to source these products from the producers. External Analysis The external marketing environment for nestle Australia can broadly be classified into four parts. Political Environment Economic Environment Social Environment Technological Environment POLITICAL ENVIRONMENT: The various factors under this would be various employment laws, government regulations for foreign companies, tax on raw materials imported, etc. Bringing in a new product would not be so tough in Australia due to the political stability. However, in recent times we have seen many changes in regulations regarding the food standards (Krafft et al., 2015). ECONOMIC ENVIRONMENT: With the increase in the buying power of the consumers it is becoming favorable for companies to sell their product. But the consumers have also become cost conscious and we have seen a change in the consumer budgets. Keeping in mind all these things nestle spends a considerable amount in redesigning and innovating new products for the Australian market (Peck et al., 2013). SOCIAL ENVIRONMENT: We have seen an increase in consumer's inclination towards eating healthy and thus increasing the requirement and demand for healthier food products. This provides nestle with new opportunity to diversify its line up but at the same time, the challenge arises of improving or managing the currently available products. Also, change in lifestyle, consumer behavior and the culture also needs to be taken into account (Crane et al., 2014). TECHNOLOGICAL ENVIRONMENT: The fast-growing and ever-changing technology do pose a lot of challenges from the competitors may it be in terms of customer approach, reaching out to the mass, advertising or even distribution. Also, nestle has suffered challenges with its quality control every now and then and the seal of guarantee initiative is an amazing way to which the company has tackled the situation (Dunning, 2014). Recommendation After thorough analysis and in-depth study of the Nestle products currently available in Australia and how the market is evolving, we would recommend a new beverage, an energy drink. The Australia energy drink market is worth $1.2 billion and increasing with V drink being the market leader and Redbull right behind it. Also, Coca-Cola Amatil has secured a 20-year contract for Monster energy drink. Studies show that the Australian energy drink market has been growing between 6 to 7 percent ever since 2010. Nestle however, is nowhere close to the major players as of now. The profit margins are higher in energy drinks as compared to carbonated soft drinks (Lusch and Vargo, 2014). Target Market The new energy drink will be focusing on youth and adults, both male and female consumers as they are the largest consumer of energy drinks globally and even in Australia. The estimated population of Australia is about 24,500,000+ with almost 89.01% of the population living in urban areas making it convenient for the companies to market and distribute their products to a large mass (Zeng, 2017). The youth and working-age population (15-64) is about 66.9% and our main target will be (15-54) 55.1% of that population. That does not mean that the remaining 11.8 % (55-64) would not be consuming the product but the major focus will be on the other 55.1%. New Product Description As discussed earlier that our new product will be an energy drink targeted at the youth and working class. Today energy drinks have been associated with various sports, adventures, day to day activities etc. This gives us a wide array of a consumer base to cover. The product will be named as FROOST. It will be a fruit-based natural energy drink and hence fruit and boost combine to form froost. Knowing that the trend today is shifting towards healthy eating and drinking habits we have decided to go with more natural and healthy form of energy drink rather than the conventional artificial ones. Initially, we will launch the drink with 4 flavors Grapefruit, kiwi, strawberry, blackberry and pomegranate. There will be one artificial energy drink and one sugar-free version. There will be various flavors and options available to choose from. The number one energy drink seller V drinks have just 1 natural energy drink and the rest are artificial and coffee based. This will give us an opportunity to attract those who are looking for healthier ways to keep themselves energized throughout the day. It is seen that there will be conventional energy drinks with and without sugar. Froost is a fruit-based energy drink with 4 natural flavors, grapefruit, kiwi strawberry, blackberry and pomegranate and two artificial ones. We will be launching one standard size for all the products i.e. 250 ml There are two pricing methods we can opt for, the cost-based pricing and going rate pricing. For the fruit energy drinks, we will be using that cost-based pricing. We will calculate the price by adding markup to the overall cost of the product. The other two energy drinks, however, will be on going rate price. After studying the current prices being offered by the competition we will try and keep it a bit lower than their prices in the initial stage so the more customers can be attracted (Qiao, 2017). Initially, we will be targeting the customers in the large urban areas. Nestle already has a well-established distribution channel that will play a crucial role in the placement of the products. We will ensure availability not only in hypermarkets like Woolworths, Coles, and Aldi but also in various supermarket chains like Seven Eleven. Various cafe chains and local outlets will also be our target as a lot of young people spend a significant amount of time there (Orel and Kara, 2014). Being an energy drink we will be ensuring to tie up and make available our energy drink at adventure sports events and other sports facilities in order to engage customer involvement at the very beginning (Porter et al., 2011). Having our target audience ranging from 15-54 we will be promoting the product in more than one manner ensuring engagement of all demographics of the population. In order to cater to the youth and young people (15-30), we will be coming up with sports events of our own or sponsored where we will be handing out free trial samples at the same time 5-10% discount on purchases made there (Payaud, 2014). For the working class population we will ensure that the newspapers, radio, and social networking sites are also covered emphasizing on the advantages of the drink and how it can help them in their day to day working and hectic lifestyle. There will be bundle packaging available for the entire week so that they can just shop once a week and have availability throughout. Conclusion Nestle being a global leader has the tools and resources it needs. In Australia, Nestle has been capturing more and more grounds as each year passes by. Sure there is some competition coming in from chain stores or local start-ups. However, Nestle has long been into acquisitions and mergers, so it should not be that big problem for them to acquire some new start-up they find to be beneficial for their business growth. They should, however, focus more on ensuring a steady quality delivery of their food and beverage products as in today's socially connected world a small mishap can lead to a great damage to the brand as a whole. They also need to keep in mind the changing trends regarding the consumer habits and start moving more towards healthier options of the current products that they have, before other companies make the big move. Past allegations have hurt Nestl's name a lot and so nestle Australia should ensure to actively take part and ensure that it fulfills its corporate social responsibility to strengthen the trust in the public. It should research and develop new manufacturing ways which do little or no harm to the natural resources and to the environment as a whole. The diversification into energy drinks as suggested in the report will help the company to cater the still untapped customer's segment which right now looks for other options. To have only milk-based energy drink will not take nestle far in line of products. With more natural and healthier energy drinks nestle is sure to gain an edge over the competition. So, Nestle has made the right decisions so far to reach where it is and will be at a whole new level in a longer run. References Crane, A., Palazzo, G., Spence, L.J. and Matten, D., 2014. Contesting the value of creating shared value.California management review,56(2), pp.130-153. Dunning, J.H., 2014.The Globalization of Business (Routledge Revivals): The Challenge of the 1990s. Routledge. Hunt, S.D., 2014.Marketing theory: foundations, controversy, strategy, and resource-advantage theory. Routledge. Krafft, M., Goetz, O., Mantrala, M., Sotgiu, F. and Tillmanns, S., 2015. The evolution of marketing channel research domains and methodologies: an integrative review and future directions.Journal of Retailing,91(4), pp.569-585. Lusch, R.F. and Vargo, S.L., 2014.The service-dominant logic of marketing: Dialog, debate, and directions. Routledge. Ltkenhaus, D. and de Freitas, M.N., 2016. Strategic management applied to the Six-Sigma suitability appraisal for RD in FMCG companies.Revista iPecege,2(1), pp.80-99. Moura, A., Branco, M. and Camoesas, M., 2015, June. NESTL, a global firm and its customer relationships. InIMC 2015 International Management Conference 26th June 2015(p. 96). Moura, A., Branco, M. and Camoesas, M., 2015, June. NESTL, A GLOBAL FIRM AND ITS CUSTOMER RELATIONSHIPS. InIMC 2015 International Management Conference 26th June 2015(p. 96). Nestle, M., 2013.Food politics: How the food industry influences nutrition and health(Vol. 3). Univ of California Press. OLeary, D. and Spangler, S., 2016. Monitoring and Mining Digital Media for Brand and Reputation Information. Orel, F.D. and Kara, A., 2014. Supermarket self-checkout service quality, customer satisfaction, and loyalty: Empirical evidence from an emerging market.Journal of Retailing and Consumer Services,21(2), pp.118-129 Patrizia, G. and Gianluca, C., 2013. Stakeholder management between managerial action and communication.Annals of the University of Oradea, Economic Science Series,22(2), pp.97-105. Payaud, M.A., 2014. Marketing strategies at the bottom of the pyramid: Examples from Nestle, Danone, and Procter Gamble.Global Business and Organizational Excellence,33(2), pp.51-63. Peck, H., Christopher, M., Clark, M. and Payne, A., 2013.Relationship marketing. Taylor Francis. Porter, M.E., Hills, G., Pfitzer, M., Patscheke, S. and Hawkins, E., 2011. Measuring shared value: How to unlock value by linking social and business results. Prince, N.R., 2015.The influence of competition and business strategy on organizations' use of high-performance work systems. University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. Qiao, D., Zhang, J., Wei, Q. and Chen, G., 2017. Finding competitive keywords from query logs to enhance search engine advertising.Information Management,54(4), pp.531-543. Sa Vinhas, A. and Heide, J.B., 2014. Forms of competition and outcomes in dual distribution channels: The distributors perspective.Marketing Science,34(1), pp.160-175. Saluja, N. and Mahajan, V., 2017. Profitability, Efficiency and Risk Analysis of Nestle India Limited.Choice,6(1). Zeng, X., 2017, May. Research on the development strategy of product under the strategy of brand merger and acquisition. InApplied System Innovation (ICASI), 2017 International Conference on(pp. 963-965). IEEE.

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Wildlife Essays (888 words) - Habitat, Environmental Conservation

Wildlife The ?cry of the wild? can still be heard across this great land. I have heard the bugle of an elk on the Great Plains...the shrill of a bald eagle along the banks of the mightily Mississippi...the roar of a brown eagle bear on windswept tundra...and the gobble of a wild turkey among western foothills. Amazing beauty can still be found in the natural landscapes of this great land. I have seen through televisions, articles, books, and newspapers the towering forests...pristine wetlands...wide-open prairies...majestic mountains...and vast deserts alive with color. I am in awe by the complexity and wonder of the natural world. Truly, it is where you can find solace and peace. America is truly blessed. A land rich in natural resources----our sense of adventure, pioneering spirit, and tenacity. Irving Berlin's God Bless America, Woody Guthrie's This Land is Your Land, and Samuel Smith's America all declare a love and respect for this land we call ?home.? It is our duty to regain a love and respect for the land, its beauty, and life ?s comfort. The legacy of our natural resource heritage must be preserved. Education is the answer. Through writing my paper I have learned that endangered species is more than a name, it is a mission in-and-of-itself, a mission to keep safe our wildlife---forever. The earth is home to more than 5.2 billion people, each having certain needs, wants, and desires. The process of consumption drastically changes the natural landscape, an many cases to the wearing away of other species. Consumption transform vast quantities of natural resources, such as fossil fuels and trees, into countless products and mountains of waste. As such, it directly and indirectly impacts land use decisions including wetland drainage, the clearing of forest, mining, agricultural production, and development. Over time, the increasing affect of poor land use, decisions, and reckless use of natural resources have undermined the integrity and to keep up the ability of the natural world, resulting in global environmental reduction. In his book, Earth in the Balance---Ecology and the Human Spirit, Vice President Al Gore writes: ?The disharmony in our relationship to the earth, which stems in part from our addiction to a pattern of consuming ever-larger quantities of the resources of the earth, is now manifest in successive crises, each marking a more destructive clash between our civilization and the natural world: whereas all threats to the environment used to be local and regional, several are now strategic . The loss of one and a half acres of rain forest every second, the sudden, thousand fold acceleration of the natural extinction rate for living species, the ozone hole above Antarctica and the thinning of the ozone layer at all latitudes, the possible destruction of the climate balance that makes our lives livable--all these suggest the increasingly violent collision between human civilization and the natural world. For civilization as a whole, the faith that is so essential to restore the balance now missing in our relationship to the earth is the faith that we have a future. We can believe in that future and work to achieve it and preserve it, or we can whirl blindly on, behaving as if one day there will be no children to inherit our legacy. The choice is ours; the earth is in the balance.? What is the leading threat to wildlife? What does the word ?threatened? mean? What does the word ?endangered mean? Does extinction really mean gone forever? What happened to the Bald Eagle? The words ?threatened? and ?endangered? are used to describe the status of rare wildlife and plant species. Threatened is used to classify a species with dangerously low population numbers. The bald eagle is an example of a threatened wildlife species. And extinct is used to identify a species that no longer exists or has died out. The dusky seaside sparrow is an example of an extinct wildlife species. Persistent decline in wildlife populations led Congress to enact the Endangered Species in 1973. The act mandated the federal government to protect endangered wildlife, plant species, and their habitats. Today, there are over 1,000 species protected by the Endangered Species Act. Approximately 50 species are added each year. The loss of any species is cause for great

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Profile in ethical leadership

Profile in ethical leadership Overview of President Bush’s actions George Bush was the most vocal promoter of military acts against Iraq thus spearheading its invasion. His actions prior and during this affront highlight his intentions to engage in war. Subsequently, Bush sought permission to engage in war through congress. Bush coerced states aligned to NATO to join the incursion. Bush lied on several occasions with respect to the actual state of affairs when put to task by regulatory authorities at an internal level (CNN, 2010). Bush misinterpreted preliminary report indicating the likely presence of such weapons. Bush believed he was restoring America’s supremacy. Current issues prior to the War against Iraq Bush initiated the war in order to make a statement about Americas might as a superpower after the radical attacks on 9/11. His desire to prove America’s supremacy was his main undoing. This is because it forced him into a series of erroneous judgments. These strategies eventually le d to the unnecessary invasion of Iraq, which cost the country billions of dollars and lives of industrious service men. The most regrettable aftermath of this occurrence was the death of millions of civilians while others lost their homes (Chauhan, 2003).Advertising We will write a custom research paper sample on Profile in ethical leadership specifically for you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More It is noteworthy that America participated actively in the crusade against terrorism. Moreover, it joined efforts with Israel to fight perpetrators of the heinous act. It is noteworthy that most of these perpetrators hailed from the Arab world. In addition, these attacks have prompted many heads of state to invest in fortification mechanisms for their countries. This is in a bid to minimize threats since such attacks might occur in the future. Consequently, several states established a tribunal to investigate the availability and circulation of illegal weaponry o f mass obliteration. This team had the responsibility of establishing the most probable locations, which could house terrorists (Mahnken, 2007). President Bush, who persuaded America’s allies to join the warfare against Iraq, quickly took up a preliminary report that indicated the likely presence of lethal weapons in Iraq. This depicts poor judgment, since a leader in his position ought to have exercised patience and waited for the conclusion of investigation on the matter. This is prior to adopting conclusive results. In addition, he should have adjusted the military calendar and scrutinized the reports. This is because most of the mentioned sites lacked credible weapons that posed a danger to humanity (Chauhan, 2003). Perceived motivation of President Bush Several reasons influenced President Bush’s decision to authorize the attack on Iraq. He based this action on claims that armaments of mass annihilation and other illegal artillery were present in Iraq. It is notew orthy that such allegations are unsubstantiated to date. Since Saddam opted not to cooperate with the Bush administration, the latter used his authority to overthrow him forcefully and assume control of the nation and its vast resources. Bush further claimed that his Iraqi counterpart exuded dictatorial tendencies. This technique of leadership is different from the democratic system evident in the country and other western nations. Fears of Saddam’s widespread influence among regional states also influenced his resolution to attack Iraq. He propagated his imperialist habits by indicating that he was transferring democracy to suppressed people in the gulf nation.Advertising Looking for research paper on government? Let's see if we can help you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More It goes without question that President Bush was out to restore America’s deflated pride, especially after its vulnerabilities were evident in the radical affro nts carried out within it by terrorist groups. His poor judgment is further evident when he chooses to focus on sentiments, as opposed to the rationale and facts (Middle East Online, 2010). He disregarded the advice of experts, who clearly pointed out the absence of illegal weapons as exemplified in previous intelligence briefs. Impact of his actions on America and its citizens His actions have placed the populace at a precarious position due to increased threat of attack from rebel groups. This is because America’s attack on Iraq provoked these groups; hence, they want to revenge. Additionally, the war caused harm to innocent civilians. Most importantly, the Islam religion often viewed such attacks as a means of revenge. Consequently, their faith allows such actions. After the war, America’s popularity reduced drastically. This is because other groups still believe that it is extremely aggressive; furthermore, it holds little regard for humanity and the rights of othe r persons. Its foreign policy has been subject to ridicule on several occasions. Its enemies successfully portray it as a nation of intolerant and self-seeking persons. Consequently, most of its nationals are subjects of suspicion. This is without assessing the nobility of their intentions (Profita, 2007). However, this is not fair since one cannot judge the entire American society basing on the actions of Bush. Most importantly, these attacks weakened the economies of both nations. It is noteworthy that the latest financial crisis is a resultant attribute of this war. This is because the defense budget increased tremendously, thus affecting other sectors of the economy. This had a negative influence on the economy; furthermore, the unsustainable projects bore fewer returns. This implied that minimal finances were recovered, hence deficits in the American budget. References Chauhan, S. (2003). War on Iraq. New Delhi: S.B NANGIA, A.P.H Publishing Corporation. CNN. (2010). Timeline: M ajor events in Iraq since the start of the war. Retrieved from: We will write a custom research paper sample on Profile in ethical leadership specifically for you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More Mahnken, T. (2007). War in Iraq: planning and execution. New York, NY: Routledge Publishers. Middle East online. (2010). Blix accuses Bush, Blair of ‘poor judgment’. Retrieved from: Profita, H. (2007). Bush’s Iraq Plan Collapses. CBS News. Retrieved from:

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Money as a motivator Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Money as a motivator - Essay Example That is why the successful organizations specializing in sales especially in direct sales apply maximum efforts to express recognition to the employees for any achievement, big or small. They know that in our overpopulated world the majority of people feel that nobody cares of them, that they are not important. And the recognition is some kind of a confirmation of their importance. Really, those who understand people usually say: "You are an especial person. You are quite another matter". I am sure, that if more companies will pay more attention to expression of gratitude to the employees, and not only to those who are engaged in sales, but also to secretaries and attendants, that will lead to improbable rise of productivity. 2. Feeling of victory. This is one of the best motivators. If you should fell an inclination to something, let will be inclination to victory, to winning. There are millionaires who work for ten - twelve hours a day, making more millions. And this is not because money is necessary for them. They do that for the feeling of pleasure that "victories" brings. Money is not a big stimulus for them: they already have a lot of money. They need that heady feeling which is got with a victory. Jim Rohn writes: "Usually right after my seminar, somebody comes up to me and says: Mr. Rohn, if had one million dollars I would not work even a day in the rest life. That is why God makes so that people, who say such things, never will grow rich. They will pay for that." (Rohn 1996) 3. Family. Some people will make more for their dearest than for themselves. One man set a goal to earn one quarter of a million a year in order to organise a world tour for his family. The people with so deep feeling of love are very happy. 4. Charity. This is the fourth great motivator.When a great steel magnate Andrew Carnegie died the yellow piece of paper was found in his desk On this narrow piece of the paper, of the time of Carnegies' twenties, there was the main goal of his life written by him: " I am going to spend a first half of my life for saving up money. I want to devote the second half of my life to give out all this money". Carnegie was so inspired with this goal that saved up a private means of 450 million dollars (that is equivalent to 4,5 billion dollars now!) and really, in last period of the life he felt pleasure giving out all this money. (Rohn 1996) Speaking about one of the most important elements of working process, employees admit that compensation itself is not a motivator. The quality of work is a motivator that enkindles enthusiasm. In order to obtain the employee's opinion different interrogations are held in different countries of the world. As the results of new interrogation show, the good wages and safety of work is what people pay attention choosing the employer, but if you want to keep the motivation of employees in your case the work will be the key factor holding them in your company. Last interrogation of the international scale carried out by Investors in People (IiP)/NOP in which 1911 respondent from the Great Britain participated, shown that